Bamboo Pillows – Understanding What They Really Are

Bamboo pillows have been so popular that everyone around is eager to try them in spite of the price tag. So what really are bamboo pillows? What makes them so special?

What are bamboo pillows?

These are marketed as premium pillows made of organic materials offering absolute comfort while sleeping. These are not just sustainable options but also healthy, durable, and very comfortable. Like most other pillows these mainly are composed of the cover and the filling. The cover is made of cotton, bamboo or other materials in general. In bamboo pillows the cover is made of processed bamboo sheets. The filling consists mostly of memory foam or shredded memory foam. Some also come with wool, latex or other types of fillings. The main benefits offered by bamboo pillows are mainly due to the bamboo sheet. This absorbs moisture and keep the surface dry and free from sweat. Bamboo pillows are firm yet supportive and so there are several users who recommend it.

Do you really need a bamboo pillow?

There are several benefits that bamboo fibers possess. This is an undeniable truth. But what we should remember here is that not all bamboo pillows are great. The method of processing the bamboo fibers is what determines whether or not the pillows is absolutely safe. Some manufacturers use a lot of harsh toxic chemicals to process the bamboo to extract fibers. These would do more harm than good. So compare the products look at the actual user reviews and pick only those from reliable brands. Look for the type of filling used. If you are talking about the full benefits of bamboo it can be felt better on bamboo mattresses and bamboo sheets as well. Organic options in general like cotton continue to be the safest alternatives if you are not ready to spend too much for your pillows.