Dental Care


Denture care is of prime importance in avoiding infections from the potential pathogens like Candida and the bacteria and also from formation of plaques. The latest advance in dental technology is introduction of ultrasonic denture cleaners. Ultrasonic system of cleaning in dental practice is being used from 1950s. But in denture care it is a recent advancement.

An ultrasonic denture cleaner is a small tub that can hold denture and is filled with water. A special cleaning solution is recommended for cleaning. High frequency ultrasound waves will be generated here. This in turn causes small bubbles to appear and collapse through the liquid quickly. These microscopic bubbles clean the surface of dentures.

I have looked at a lot of ultrasonic denture cleaners. These are the top best ultrasonic denture cleaner reviews. There are some units that are the best in dentistry according to reviewers. There is the iSonic F3900 that is a compact and light device. It has a fixed cycle lasting for about 5 minutes and it shuts down automatically after that. It creates very high frequency sound waves. But the sound here is very loud, thus creating a good effect. The other best option is Magnasonic. This is similar to iSonic, but has a bigger capacity compared to it. The other one is generic sonic wave CD2800. This is comparatively cheaper and is supplied with a cleaning powder that is harsh and not recommended for use. The best of all is Branson 200. It is bigger and is costly compared to the others. This functions at slightly lower frequency.

Ultrasonic denture cleaners are effective in cleaning dentures. But definitely they are not a replacement for the traditional way of cleaning. They are just an added extra step to get dentures really very clean.