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There have been several advertisements online, on TV, on the radio as well as at the local gyms, grocery stores and pharmacy about a green tea, bitter orange, heartleaf and hoodia, herbal supplements and over-the-counter supplements for weight loss and Phenq – Golias one of them. But do these really work? Is the question you need to ask your doctor. Let’s look at some answers given by doctors regarding this.

many research trials have been performed on weight loss supplements. All these studies were funded by the weight loss supplement industry.

Most health professionals will never agree or advice weight loss pills to their patients since they don’t believe it will help in any way. They agree that healthiest way of losing weight is by regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet. Modifying and understanding your attitude about eating is essential.

The guidelines from American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology says that combination of increased exercise, healthy diet and behavioral therapy will help people lose 5 to 10% of their weight in the first 6 months of the treatment.

The above plan might help some people but not everyone. Just increasing exercise and healthy diet is not enough for some people, in this case, your doctor can help you in determining whether you are a good candidate for prescribing a weight loss medication. There are guidelines which will determine whether you are a good fit for weight loss supplements.

  • Your body mass index must be 30 or greater.
  • If you have obesity-related health conditions and BMI of 27 or greater.
  • In spite of diet, exercise and behavior change for 6 months, you don’t even lose one pound per week.

There is a calculator easy-to-use which will help you determine body mass index. This will calculate what your weight should be according to your height.

Health Tips

Enhancement Pills – A Health Guide Overview

Every problem has a solution and so your ‘size’ or the ‘stamina’ problem that interferes with your essential sexual life! Indeed, for a man, his penis size matters as it psychologically boosts him to enjoy and offer a pleasurable sexual act, more confidently. Therefore, it is only natural for a man to worry about his diminished size, but, thankfully, not without a solution! Yes, the problem of your penis size can be addressed effectively using a number of ways and practices prevalent today, of which I only recommend the non-invasive enhancement pills way!

This is the extender I would get for my ‘size’ problem because it offers a number of significant health benefits like,

  • No side-effect

When the enhancement pill is absolutely made with the natural ingredients, there is no need to worry about the side-effects caused by it because natural substances suit almost all of the individuals thus, eliminating the worry about the side-effects.

  • Increased sexual wellness

The size of your penis might not only bother you but also your partner, which in turn can affect your significant sexual wellness. As the overall wellness is incomplete without this significant sexual wellness, the problem is best to be addressed with an effective enhancement pill that can ensure anytime the increased wellness of your sex life!

  • Long-term solution

When you go for a natural enhancement pill, it is safe to be consumed on an extended time basis, which means you can indeed enjoy the much-needed long-term benefit, instead of popping a prescription pill that only offers a solution for a few short hours.

  • Non-invasive

Popping a reliable pill is any day, fruitful and painless when compared to the other invasive treatments or the surgeries. Also, such treatments might have their own set of additional challenges like the suitability, the side-effects, the affordability, both in terms of time and money and so on, making it highly unfavorable for the majority!

Health Tips

Is Male Enhancement supplements Worth Your Health?

We had everything going for us:

They say most of the problems in our life is always in the head. So, when Smith told me that he was apprehensive on our first date, I was kind of shocked with his honesty but I knew that a man so athletic in gait and who strength trains five days in a week must not be that bad. I brushed off his concerns with a naughty smile and told him that he must expect miracles when the right people meet.

So, I went ahead and married this cute guy:

Smith, however, was still quite conscious about his size. I was at a loss why! He satisfied me completely and there was never one time when I thought that he could have gone on and he was spent. It was great all the time but somehow it was stuck in his psyche that he wasn’t enough. He was also conscious to undress in a lit room. I knew the problem was in the head but I just did not know how to help him. And that can be pretty frustrating, you know!

Male enhancement supplements helped my man:

I did not want him to ever try to go under the scalpel and was wary that he tries any contraption. It was really not worth it apart from the fact that he did not need them either. An advertisement in our gym journal caught my attention. It spoke about enhancement supplements that are a hundred percent herbal and so there was no scope for any side effects.

I was glad when he agreed to try them out first:

The supplements did wonder to his psyche. He became more confident about his size in less than three months. It was just the thing that was needed. I dread to think what would have happened if he had elected for a surgery or something as serious as that. It’s been six months and he seems to have more vitality than ever before!