Healthy ‘Smart Drugs’: A dose of intelligence

 “Smart Drugs” is a new & trending topic of today’s media of medical sciences (sports and military fields too). It is a smarter method evolved out of medical advancement technologies. Smart drugs are formulated in order to enhance the cognitive power especially concentration and prime focus.

The Focus on Smart Drugs:

“Smart Drugs” list includes Adderall, Ritalin, Adrafinil, Modafinil and so on. These drugs concentrate on transmitting the signals to stimulate the brain function that in turn increases the attention and focus. The study continues in formulating the time required for the drugs to start their function and the dosage required for the people of different stages. A research also says that the smart drugs are useful to enhance the functioning of brain for healthy people. But it is not proved how far it is worth in taking these smart drugs as it also has the stories of side effects too.

A study which was conducted in Italy by Stefano Sensi (Neurologist), says that 26 Unniversity students who were given a dose of smart drug and were allowed to participate in solving the famous puzzle called Raven’s matrices which requires fastest thinking and concentrating capability. As a result of the competition, it was proved that the students are quick in solving the puzzles. The usage of smart drugs helps particularly in enhancing the flexible thinking capability and focused decision making capability. A research is being conducted in recording the importance of smart drugs in students during the period of examinations and also the long lasting effects of smart drugs. But the usage of drugs on children is not recommended and hence it takes time to prove the smart action on smart children.

Smart drugs can be purchased anywhere now and can be used to increase the memory and attention power in case of specific needs. Further the easy availability and discounts of Mind Lab Pro kits and for some other smart drugs, has increased its’ usage significantly.