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Dealing With Itchy Backs

Have you ever thought about the causes of your itchy back? Do you know what the best remedy is for that itchy sensation? Dermatologists have the best answers for all these questions. Itch or Notalgia Paresthetica is a very disturbing thing and if it is a place between the spine and the shoulder blades, then it is really an irritating thing to go on with. These spots are very hard to get to. What doctors say is that sometimes an itch at the back is not due to the itch on the skin but a sensation caused due to the spinal nerve.

Now you are more curious, isn’t it? Yes, sometimes, an itchy sensation at the back can also be caused due to nerve impingement. When a small branch of the nerve gets squeezed due to some factor, it causes this kind of an itching. Itching is caused when the skin sends a message to the brain that the nerve is squeezed due to some underlying reason.

The problem of itching worsens for people who have a dry skin. This is because people with dry skin are very sensitive to the nerve getting squeezed. That is why it is important to keep the back hydrated and moisturized with cream. Also, it is important to wear soft fabrics. Any kind of heavy fabric causes itching on the skin and irritates the skin easily.

Another way to manage is by keeping an ice pack on the skin. Doctors say that by keeping the ice pack on that place, the message of itching is overridden by the message of a cool substance at that place. The message of temperature and itch reach the brain through the same pathway and hence, can be tackled with the ice trick.

Scratching in anyway doesn’t solve the problem but aggravates it. If you still are tempted to scratch, then use them gently and only when it is really needed. Try out some of the great back scratchers in 2017!