Saudi Girls In Riyadh Are Looking To Date Foreigners Online

Dating and then marriage:

Move over conservationism. Today with the waves of feminism that is catching the world in its fury, every woman whatever faith that they belong to wants to be able to see and know a person before she gives her consent on the D day.

It sometimes sounds anachronistic that women today can marry someone even without knowing him for sure. A little bit of the knowledge of the person’s background and what to expect after marriage is something that is a basic necessity.

Knowing your partner before marriage is healthy:

There have been a lot of marriages on the rocks because the groom or the bride misrepresented vital information from the other party. There are marriages where one of the partners is a victim and continues to suffer at the hands of the other but does not want to come out of the wedlock fearing social stigma and ostracization of the family.

My friend, Sumaina stays in Riyadh. She is Islamic in her outlook and practices Islam in her everyday life. Her parents are from Riyadh as well though they trace their family history to Saudi Arabia.  Sumaina is particular about one thing in her marriage and that she needs to know the person well enough to be able to assimilate the fact that he is the right one for her. She will spend a few months knowing him first albeit even online meeting because she cannot accept just about anyone.

Sumaina is particularly looking for a foreigner because she does not want to stay back in Riyadh after marriage. She wants to relocate to some other place because she has been living here since childhood and that she is craving a change now. She has registered her profile on a website called زواج مسيار and is extremely happy with the kind of response that she is getting here. I hope Sumaina finds her soul mate soon enough! Wedding bells don’t seem too distant now!!